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There is something fun and exciting happening in Downtown Bangor every day! Check our event calendar for details!

Cool Sounds Summer Concert Series and Fresh Air Market -- July 2 through August 20, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in West Market Square

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Downtown Parks and Open Space

There are plenty of green spaces to unwind in Downtown Bangor!

Parks and Open Space

There are a number of parks downtown. Davenport Park, Gomez Park, Norumbega Parkway, Pickering Square, Pierce Park, the Waterfront and West Market Square are the official parks of downtown.  All can be viewed on our map of Downtown.

Davenport Park
Located on the corner of Cedar and Main Streets.  Amenities: benches, shade trees and a memorial to the battleship Maine which sunk suspiciously during the Spanish-American War. 

Gomez Park
Located on Broad Street.  Amenities: green space, waterfront views and a memorial to Estavan Gomez, a Portuguese mariner who had sailed as a captain in Magellan’s round-the-world fleet. Gomez sailed the Spanish caravel La Anunciada up the Penobscot to the future site of Bangor in 1525 under a commission from King Charles V of Spain to find the legendary northwest passage to the Orient.

Kenduskeag Stream Park
Located off Harlow St./Valley Ave.  Amenities: benches, covered picnic tables, walking trail, scenic views, parking. The Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race can been seen here each April.

Norumbega Parkway
Located off Franklin/Central/State Streets, parkway separating the Kenduskeag Stream. Amenities: benches, public art, garden. Features statues of Lady Victory (WWI Memorial) and Hannibal Hamlin (15th Vice President of United States) by Brewer native Charles Tefft. 

Pickering Square
Located on Broad Street (next to parking garage).  Amenities: brick open space, stage, fountain, benches, large shade trees, parking. Home to several summer events in Downtown Bangor.

Pierce Park
Located on Harlow Street (next to the Bangor Public Library). Amenities: picnic tables, seating and memorial to  Maine's colorful river log drivers in a bronze statue executed by Charles Tefft, a gift to the City from the late Luther H. Pierce.

Access from Railroad, Front or Dutton Streets.  Amenities: open space, picnic tables, benches, walking path/trails, waterfront, paddle craft access, parking.  Home to several major events. 
Features  the abstract aluminum sculpture "Continuity of Community" (1969) by the Castine sculptor Clark Battle Fitz-Gerald (1917–2004) whose works also stand at Coventry Cathedral, Independence Hall, and Columbia University. Home to several events in Downtown Bangor.

West Market Square
Located on the corner of Main and Broad Street.  Amenities: brick open space, benches, and large shade trees.

Paul Bunyan Park
Located on Main Street. Amenities: gazebo, open space, picnic tables, skateboard park, and a 31-foot high statue of Paul Bunyan.

Bass Park
Located off Dutton and Buck Street.  Amenities: Bangor State Fair, harness racing and the Cross Insurance Center.