Invest Locally

For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the city's tax base. For every $100 spent at a national chain or franchise store, only $14 remains in the community.

Beautification Program

Making Downtown beautiful year-round!

In addition to marketing and events that bring people and business to downtown, the Downtown Bangor Partnership runs a comprehensive Beautification Program which promotes and encourages activities that improve the appearance of downtown.  

We believe that community partnerships are essential for the growth of downtown and Bangor as a whole.  Downtown Bangor is a unique asset for the community as a business center, residential, arts and cultural hub. Our beautification program serves to enhance the aesthetic and business environment of Downtown Bangor. 

The Beautification Program is a significant undertaking and we are extremely grateful to our sponsors.

Bangor Savings Bank has made a four year commitment to support the key components of the Downtown Beautification program.

Bangor Savings Bank Website

Major elements of the Downtown Bangor Beautification Program include:

Blooms on the Stream
Flower box program along the Kenduskeag Stream Canal; Sixty-four flower boxes are planted with geraniums along the stream each season. The purpose of this program is to capitalize on one of downtown’s most unique assets, the Kenduskeag Stream Canal, which runs through the heart of downtown. The flower box program brings the feel of a European city to downtown and adds the value to downtown for property owners, businesses, employees and visitors. Walking paths line the canal on both sides so the boxes can be easily viewed and enjoyed by the community.

Street Side Planters
Flower planter program along the streets of downtown; 32 large planters with a variety of flowering plants are placed at major intersections and thoroughfares within the district. The planters add to the atmosphere and value of downtown for property owners, businesses, employees and visitors.

Winter Lights
With the generous donations of our sponsors and the volunteer hours of countless helpers t
he Beautification Committee has brought winter lights to our downtown parks and street side trees!

Adopt a Garden
The Beautification Committee coordinates the adoption of several hundred small gardens by local citizens and businesses adding to beauty and charm of the downtown area. 

Katahdin Trust Company
is the main sponsor for the Downtown Bangor Winter Tree Lighting. Their generosity enables the Beautification Committee to light up downtown this winter season!